How To Workshop

The Right Way

What is ‘How To Workshop The Right Way’ all about?

“How To Workshop The Right Way” is a 6-week one-of-a-kind personalized Coaching Experience designed especially for actors. In it, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to maximize your workshop experience, make a clear impression with CD’s, and create stronger relationships to ultimately receive more auditions.



I’m Arriane Alexander, a working Actor and a Certified Creative Success Coach with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, who used to be where many of you are now, wondering how to build more relationships, get more auditions, and succeed as an actress. Believe it or not, I felt completely lost and confused, and now I work consistently on TV shows like Justified, Grey’s Anatomy and Mistresses, I am the Host of two TV shows, and I’ve booked numerous commercials.


As a Certified Creative Success Coach, I work with actors both from the A-list and those still working to build their resumes. In our business, it’s crucial to build more relationships and get more auditions – preferably now, because now is the perfect time to prepare for the pilot season next spring – and the best way to do it is through CD workshops.

I have created a program to prepare you for workshops, so you can nail them like many of my clients consistently do, you can shine and show up as a Pro, and greatly increase your chances to be called in for episodic and pilot season, ultimately booking more roles.


In order to support you, I’ve made room in my one-on-one coaching practice for a few Actors. There are just 10 spots open in my personalized 6-week coaching program “How to Workshop the Right Way” for winter of 2014. Apply for one of them by signing up for a complimentary call with me. We’ll schedule a time to talk and see if you’re the right person for one of the few spots available, and you’ll be on your way to acting success.


I have made space in my private coaching practice for just 10 Actors this fall to take part in this exclusive program.  My regular one-on-one coaching programs start at $4500, so this is an amazing opportunity to work with me privately.
Simple, proven steps and personalized coaching to have more success at workshops.


In this exclusive opportunity for one-on-one coaching, you will walk away with complete clarity of what makes you special, how to prepare yourself in a complete package for workshops, and a clear target plan of what shows you are right for and who to see at workshops.



How To Workshop The Right Way” consists of 6 one-on-one phone or Skype sessions.  It is limited to just 10 Actors this winter.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn in this one-of-a-kind personalized coaching:



Who Do You Think You Are?

- It is imperative that you are clear in what your Type is for casting

- When you are clear in your type, everyone else is clear

- I walk you through a specific process to get clear on your easiest casting and top 3 types


Who Are Your Peeps?

- You will find shows and films you need to target
– You will research the CD’s for these shows

- You will target shows that are casting out of your city

- We create a specific target list of 10 or less shows and CD’s for you to see at workshops.


Where Do You Find Your Perfect Scenes?

- It is crucial that you find the Perfect Scenes to use at one-on-one workshops, so you show the CD your strengths

- You will have guidance and homework in finding the Perfect Scene

- I will coach you on the scenes to have clear moment before and after, and make them pop

- Why you do not want to use scenes from workshop sites


What Do I Wear?

- I will coach you on the outfit to reflect your scene and type

- You will research the shows to see what they are wearing

- You will understand how to look the part when you walk in the room


What Do I Do With These Voices In My Head?

- You will create an Ideal Scene around your workshop experience

- You will release resistance and sabotage in your head

- You will create empowering thoughts to support you




You will receive an audio on “How To Workshop The Right Way” that gives you details and advice on how to master CD Workshops



Grab Your Spot in one of just 10 one-on-one personalized coaching spots available for this program.