I booked Grey’s Anatomy!!

You ever have a day that literally changed your life in some way?

Yeah, I had one of those days recently when I booked Grey’s Anatomy!

It has been a long, disciplined journey as an actor to finally get the good news that I had been chosen over 1000’s of actors in the city to play a role on Grey’s Anatomy.  It has literally been a dream come true.  I didn’t grow up in Kansas dreaming about being an actor in LA, and now that this is my life, I am so grateful.

Being on set shooting the show was such a powerful experience in so many ways.  I was able to build my confidence by thinking “I deserve to be here.  I belong here.”  I was able to be a part of a powerful crew and team that has worked together for years, which prompted my own desire to be on a long-running show.  I walked away from the day feeling very proud of myself, knowing I did an amazing job on set.

There are millions of actions that got me to this point, and I think the most challenging part of the journey was the inner work it took to break through all of my limiting beliefs and challenging myself continually in my thoughts.   I feel like I have been in strength-training for the mind…visioning myself on a TV show, praying and meditating, and pulling myself up out of depression, dispair and anxiety.  Whew!

The season premiere of Grey’s is on Sept 27 on ABC.  I am in a scene at the airport with the hunky Kevin McKidd (Owen), so be sure to look for me!!